We now live in an increasingly measured world with a plethora of sensors deployed into a  wide range of devices. At its core, telematics utilises sensors to gather evidence about how a vehicle is being used.  The role of the telematics provider is to identify which evidence is of the most value to understanding risk, and then to use this information to assess drivers.

The Floow’s Use of Sensors

Sensor data can come from a number of devices such as smartphones, black boxes, in-car electronics and onboard diagnostic devices (OBDs).

Throughout the last decade, the enhancements in sensor technology has improved our understanding of mobility risk allowing us to provide more enhanced insights into driver behaviour and risk profiles to our insurance, OEM, fleet and local authority/government clients. 

The process of exploring the usage of remote sensor data, more commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), is fundamental to The Floow who has pioneered real world impacts in this area since the formation of the company.

The Floow is committed to continued research into using data from existing and emerging sensors to gain  maximum actionable insights for our clients for the accurate pricing of policies and assessment of policyholders.


What Are ‘Core’ Sensors for Telematics?

Core sensors for telematics typically relate to sensors which collect data relating to vehicle telemetry, such as the how, where and when a vehicle moves.

The Floow develops  corrective approaches to improve the accuracy of telemetry and maximise the predictive value and insight. 

For example, we use the available sensors in a smartphone to understand the varying degrees of risky driver distraction with a minimal impact to privacy. 


How Far Do The Floow’s Sensor Investigations Extend?

In our research investigations, The Floow consider all possible sensors including: 

  • Dedicated vehicle monitoring devices (black boxes, OBD’s, plugin, windshield)
  •  A vast variety  of smartphones (over 9000 models) 
  • Future sensors that will be ubiquitous in the next generation of autonomous vehicles. 

The Floow uses all available sensor data to bring further clarity into vehicle and driver behaviours. This agnostic approach  gives The Floow’s telematics capabilities truly unique insights into behaviour and susceptibility to risk.


Is One Sensor The Same As The Next?

Different sensors  have different capabilities and they are only perform as well as their operating design permits. How the data is shared, and the deployment configuration of each sensor will greatly impact the extent to which the data are useful for the purposes of telematics.

The Floow has gained, and continues to explore, a strong knowledge of the value of different sensors and what each  can bring towards our understanding of risk. These insights are incorporated into our products and solutions so as to give the best possible view of the mobility risk. 


What Can Sensors See?

The Floow uses our research investigations to ensure that we continue to gather the best evidence to ensure a fair understanding of mobility risk for our clients and end-user drivers.

Our research in this area is continuous as it allows us to ensure that The Floow remains at the cutting edge of telematics.

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