We work hard every day to achieve safer and smarter mobility for everyone

We help insurance companies, auto manufacturers, fleet operators and public sector organisations to bring innovation to the world of mobility. Our intelligent telematics solutions allow insurers to price policies fairly and accurately, help drivers to improve their performance and enable auto manufacturers and policy makers to design vehicles and road systems that respond to drivers' evolving needs.

We do this by combining amazing technology, excellence in data science and unique behavioural insights from social science to create rich mobility solutions from the starting point of superior driving data accumulated from several billion journey miles.

Here at The Floow, we're continually developing our capabilities into an innovative and reliable portfolio, which comes together to make mobility safer and smarter for everyone.


Floow Drive

Quick-to-Deploy Telematics Solution

Our FloowDrive solution takes everything we've learned from six years of building successful telematics solutions, and distils it into one robust, quick-to-deploy, white label platform. Unlike bespoke solutions that can take several months to develop, FloowDrive can be up and running within just a few minutes. FloowDrive is flexible and cost effective, offering the essential components and features that insurance clients are looking for in a telematics solution including:

For the insurer

  • A reliable, best in class scoring and analytics engine
  • A user-friendly insurer portal for visibility of scores and driver engagement
  • Easy customisation to meet specific branding and colour palette requirements
  • Supports different language localisation needs
  • A strong product roadmap which will introduce many new features over time
  • Easy to integrate additional modules including our rewards programme and driver coaching programme, FloowCoach, developed to improve driver behaviour and create engagement with scores

For the user

  • An intuitive smartphone app interface, with easy registration and a clear scoring dashboard
  • In-app notifications and advice to help drivers make behavioural improvements
  • An incentives module to reward sustained improvements in driver behaviour or maintaining good scores with a range of easy-to-maintain vouchers to choose from

FloowDrive is highly flexible so it can support quick ‘test and learn' deployments, but it's also incredibly stable so it can form the heart of highly scalable propositions. It's possible to combine some of our other solutions, such as FloowCoach or our Rewards module with FloowDrive without opting for a custom solution.

Floow Fleet

Robust and Reliable Fleet Telematics Solution

Our FloowFleet solution allows commercial lines insurers to offer fleet customers the opportunity to effectively track their vehicles and drivers, allowing for better risk management. FloowFleet is designed to support insurers offering policies for small fleets of between 1 and 25 light duty vehicles.

FloowFleet works by using journey data tracked with a variety of devices, via the OBD port or from fitted devices, to create scores for each trip completed. These scores are accessed via management portals that allow the fleet manager and the insurer to see how vehicles in the fleet are being driven. FloowFleet is a flexible and cost effective solution which can be configured and branded within minutes, reducing the time to market for insurers.

FloowFleet offers many benefits for insurers and fleet managers:

For the insurer

  • A reliable scoring and analytics engine that helps identify and manage risk
  • Data can be scored via a range of devices, including simple to use OBD port devices and fitted devices
  • Production-ready and highly scalable for cost-effective deployments
  • Customisable so insurers can deliver an appropriately branded portal for use by fleet customers
  • Access to a range of optional, value-added driver improvement modules to help improve driver behaviour, such as coaching and rewards
  • A strong product roadmap introducing many new features over time

For the fleet manager

  • Easy onboarding to get up and running quickly
  • A powerful scoring engine producing trip and vehicle level information that's easy to understand
  • Scores presented via a robust management information portal that's accessible via mobile devices, tablets or desktop
  • Geofence feature, helping fleet managers to monitor and protect their assets with event trigger notifications for each vehicle or the fleet
  • Access to additional driver improvement programmes offered optionally by the insurer e.g. driver coaching and rewards
Screenshots of FloowFleet

Floow Kit

Software Development Kit

FloowKit is our Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides the software capability that allows our clients, whether insurers, fleet companies or automotive manufacturers, to allow their smartphone apps to become telematics sensors. This enables providers to offer telematics capabilities integrated within a single app for end user convenience and simplicity.


Floow Coach

Driver Coaching Programmes

At The Floow, we combine excellence in telematics monitoring and scoring with social science techniques to help improve driver behaviour. Our pioneering driver coaching programme - FloowCoach - targets drivers with the lowest scores and invites them to participate in a 12-week programme of telephone-based conversations with highly trained behavioural coaches.

Designed by an expert team of social scientists and actuaries, FloowCoach was created using insights from decades of leading research into driver behaviour. The programme incorporates impactful behavioural conditioning and measurement to focus on helping drivers to improve their performance in the long-term. Through a series of phone conversations, we help the driver to focus on specific ways to improve their overall score and to drive more safely. Our latest research shows that for every 100 people in the lowest-scoring decile who have completed the FloowCoach programme, 13 accidents are avoided compared to standard feedback mechanisms.


Floow Score

Driver Scoring

FloowScore, our scoring service, harnesses the power of sensors, software and data, building on several billion miles of journey data, gathered from working with clients across five continents. Our team of experts works to constantly refine a world class suite of behavioural and contextual scores which our clients have proven to be highly predictive of claim propensity. Insurers can easily build their own unique scoring IP and telematics-based propositions on top of FloowScore, within The Floow's scoring platform.

Telematics data can be collected from a wide variety of devices and clients have choices to make depending on the value proposition they wish to offer their end users. To provide clients with a consistent experience we can collect data across any type of device and score journeys across a number of categories including speed, smoothness of driving, distraction and time of day. This allows us to create a score for every journey the driver completes which we present to them as well as their insurer (or employer, in the case of a fleet operator). Our scores help insurance companies price their policies and predict risk for each driver more accurately.

FloowScore Dials

Floow Custom

Bespoke Telematics Solutions

With FloowCustom, our team brings together a unique combination of scoring, technology and software, alongside customer engagement tools, specific customer branding, rewards programmes, incentives and driver coaching to meet the precise needs and specifications of a client.

FloowCustom is ideal for large, complex deployments which require specific, non-standard features or capabilities, or where there's a need to deliver highly tailored experiences to drivers exhibiting different behaviours behind the wheel.

For fleet companies and automotive manufacturers, our bespoke solutions provide insights into how their vehicles are being driven. This information can be used to inform company fleet policies or influence the future design and manufacture of cars. For the operators of large fleets, the opportunity to track and score drivers allows them to see how their vehicles are being driven; this can be used to curb behaviour such as speeding which can affect a business' operational costs, and risk and emissions profile.

New Propositions

Under Development


Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing Programme

Our new peer-to-peer car sharing platform - GoWithFloow - will offer a unique alternative to the car and ridesharing platforms already on the market. GoWithFloow will allow drivers to quickly match with car-owners near their location, enabling them to borrow a car quickly and conveniently. Owners will advertise their car for rent on the platform at times when they do not need the use of their vehicle, which research suggests could be as much as 95% of the time. The Floow's unique scoring system will allow both borrowers and lenders to build up a personal score on the platform which will help establish the trust required for a car owner to lend their car to another driver.

We're currently developing pilots with insurers keen to help shape the future of mobility. Contact us to find out more.

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