Make mobility safer and smarter for everyone

The world of mobility is changing. But with change comes increasing costs, inefficiencies, and danger for road users. By combining data science and social science, with amazing technology, The Floow delivers award-winning solutions that make mobility safer and smarter for everyone.

Our intelligent telematics solutions allow insurers to price policies fairly and accurately, help drivers to improve their performance and enable auto manufacturers and policy makers to design vehicles and road systems that respond to drivers' evolving needs.

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We are unique, from the science to the focus on driver behaviour

Proprietary Science

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Science is what we start with

Using our device-neutral approach we generate very consistent and predictive scores. This task is the responsibility of our multi-disciplinary Data Science team. We also use complex, but insightful, contextual information to enrich that data, such as road infrastructure and the average behaviour of other drivers in the vicinity.

Driver Behaviour

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Our focus is on the driver

The Floow monitor and quantify driving behaviour and use this data to power tailored educational services that provide means for a driver to monitor and improve their personal driving performance. Our rewards services encourage safer driving whilst increasing loyalty and engagement with our clients’ brands.

Device Agnostic

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The device is just the beginning

We collect data from any sensing device, including smartphones stand-alone, in-car devices accessing the OBD port and professionally fitted boxes, installed either in the aftermarket or at origin by vehicle manufacturers. Global OEMs have partnered with The Floow to monetise on-board data in the insurance ecosystem.

The Floow and Fidelidade launch customer app program

Read more about the market leading partnership and the new telematics based smartphone app that has been launched in the Portuguese insurance market.

US office now open in the Motor City - Detroit

The Floow is proud to announce that it has opened its first North American office, which will further accelerate the company’s strong momentum and global growth.

We can work it out

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We love what we do and have a team to back it up

We're a very technology focused company, with people from all over the world who enjoy working together and helping our clients.

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