Making mobility safer and smarter for everyone

The world of mobility is changing fast. At The Floow we’re helping to accelerate that change with award-winning solutions that address the costs, inefficiencies and dangers faced by road users. By combining data science and social science with amazing technology, we're making mobility safer and smarter for everyone.

Our range of intelligent telematics solutions allow insurers to price policies fairly and accurately, help engage drivers to improve their performance and enable auto manufacturers and policy makers to design vehicles and road systems that respond to drivers' evolving needs.

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The Floow has capabilities to meet the needs of clients across several industries

It can seem complex to introduce a new telematics insurance proposition to market, but The Floow has the experience and solutions to make this happen quickly and cost-effectively. Our flexible platform works reliably across any type of journey-monitoring device, including smartphones. We take several billion miles of journey data combining behavioural and contextual insights and turn it into a robust set of scores which are proven to deliver an improvement of at least 25% claims benefit across the book.

Our telematics insurance clients build their own scoring IP on top of The Floow’s trusted algorithms by training those scores against claims data to optimally predict claim propensity and severity. This unique approach delivers three times the profitability per telematics customer versus our clients’ traditional policy types. But what’s also unique is how we apply insights from social science to help improve driver behaviour via a suite of educational and coaching modules and reward programmes. We work with each insurer to identify risk within their portfolio, developing an engaging value proposition and targeting drivers with appropriate programmes. For example, our driver coaching programme is proven to prevent 13 accidents for every 100 drivers who complete the course.

As cars and other road vehicles become increasingly connected and sophisticated, The Floow’s capabilities in data science are helping auto manufacturers to create valuable insights from the data captured by any sort of journey-monitoring sensor or device. By generating insurance grade-scores and analytics, The Floow helps its OEM partners develop an understanding of driver performance and the contextual factors that might affect it. This also includes a set of predictive analytics around the likely servicing or maintenance needs of a vehicle based upon evidence of the way it’s being driven over time. We have global agreements with a number of the largest auto manufacturers and also work with several OEM partners on projects linked to autonomous vehicles.

Telematics technology offers significant benefits to fleet operators if they are able to accurately monitor driver behaviour and turn that data into insights. The Floow works with a number of large fleet operators to provide a device-agnostic range of telematics solutions that enable the monitoring of journeys, the delivery of reliable driver scoring and the creation of specific geofences and time-bounds. By delivering these capabilities via a simple-to-use platform, operators can monitor driver behaviour across their fleet and opt to provide individual feedback direct to a driver’s smartphone to help them improve. Other benefits for fleet operators from The Floow’s solutions include the opportunity to reduce their running costs and ensure that they’re able to secure competitively priced commercial insurance.

Traffic congestion, road safety and air pollution are all complex challenges that policy makers must address. In addition to providing telematics solutions to public sector fleets, The Floow has the capability to enrich the data gained from recording billions of driver miles. This anonymised data can be provided to councils, local authorities and governments as a set of valuable insights to use in planning new road schemes, introducing traffic calming initiatives or for the implementation of road pricing, such as taxes and tolls. We have specific capabilities in traffic modelling to inform schemes to ease congestion, data for statistical traffic analysis and services that support pollution estimation.

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Our scoring capabilities are best in class

We bring high levels of competence to our solutions, combining data science, social science and technical capability. By drawing upon several billion driving miles from hundreds of thousands of users to create our scores, we deliver an improvement of at least 25% claims benefit across the book.

  • Smooth Driving
  • Distraction
  • Time of Day
  • Road Risk
  • Fatigue
  • Speed

Our solutions create unique value for clients

Our cost effective portfolio allows insurance clients to get out to market quickly with UBI solutions. We help you to offer fair and realistic pricing for drivers by building your own scoring IP on top of our trusted algorithms. This unique approach delivers three times the profitability per telematics customer versus traditional policy types.

We're committed to helping drivers improve

Our end-to-end engagement approach, delivered via intuitive, engaging apps and services, means that we inform, coach and educate drivers on their performance, and incentivise them to improve. By encouraging better driving, we help to reduce accidents and the human and financial costs they bring. We've been recognised for this work with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.


You can trust us to deliver

Our solutions have scored several billion driver miles to date, supporting clients and hundreds of thousands of their customers across five continents. We value our partnerships, working with our clients and industry partners to constantly innovate and enable them to build engaging telematics propositions and bring them successfully to market.

We're ambitious innovators

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at The Floow and that's what makes us industry leaders in telematics. We're constantly developing solutions that anticipate the needs of a rapidly evolving market and this focus helped us to be recognised with a prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation in 2016.

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