We Are The Floow

We’re convinced that telematics will transform mobility and play a big part in reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads. And our brilliant team at The Floow bring their expertise and ingenuity in technology, data science and social science to make this happen. We deliver solutions for our customers in insurance, fleets and motor manufacturing.

Our Story

The Floow was founded and incorporated in 2012 by our CEO Aldo Monteforte, our CIO Dr Sam Chapman, and Paul Ridgway.

The idea and vision for The Floow was first conceived by Aldo who wanted to make vehicles safer, smarter and cheaper for all. He saw the opportunity to change the telematics industry by making use of data and social sciences in ways that could change driver behaviour and lower the risks on our roads.

Founders Aldo Monteforte and Sam Chapman

The company name – The Floow – was inspired by a concept in social science. If you experience ‘flow’ you are in a state of deep concentration and can make amazing things happen. The early days of setting up the company saw the founding team in a state of almost constant flow. And even today, with more than 120 people and having achieved rapid growth and success, it’s our shared focus on making mobility smarter and safer for all that keeps the team in a state of flow. Though we’re immensely proud of our roots in UK, The Floow is now a global company with customers across five continents. In addition to our HQ in Sheffield, UK, we have offices in Italy, the USA and China which reflects the truly global reach of our mission.

From day 1, The Floow has been driven strongly by scientific research, particularly computer, data and social sciences. Our passion for science will always be a fundamental part of our organisation. As will our absolute commitment to delivering the highest quality telematics technology and services in a uniquely, customer-focused manner, which not only benefits our clients, but also delivers great value to drivers and other road users.








“When we first conceived The Floow eight years ago we had little in the way of resources, but we were foolish, hungry and laser focused to deliver solutions that would transform the insurance market and make mobility safer and smarter in the process.”

Aldo Monteforte

Awards and Accreditations

Winner of the Queen’s award for Enterprise in 2016

Licensed holder of the Made in Sheffield Mark

Signatory of the European Road Safety Charter

Crown Commercial Service’s Supplier – Vehicle Telematics Hardware & Software Solutions Framework

Winner of Best Smarter Travel Innovation at the Smarter Travel Awards 2018

Ranked 1st for UBI European TSP in 2016 and 2018

Winner of the Data Analytics Excellence Award at The Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards 2019

Included in Fintech Global’s 2019 InsurTech100 list

Winner of the Prince Michael Award for International Road Safety 2015

Named Economic Disruptor of the Year for the North East Region at the 2019 Spectator awards

Included in 2019’s Top Tech Yorkshire companies list

Winner of the Company Leader Award at Northern Leadership Awards 2019

Included in DIA’s Top 100 Insurtechs for 2019

Included in the SmartTech 100 Innovators list for 2020