woman placing floowtag on windscreen woman installing tag to windscreen


FloowTag is a small, stand-alone Bluetooth Low Energy device which is installed to a vehicle’s windscreen. Once FloowTag is linked to and in range of the driver’s phone, it ensures that the phone automatically records journeys when motion is detected. 

FloowTag is available for use alongside our FloowDrive solution.

FloowTag does not need to be plugged into the vehicle instead it should be self-installed to the vehicle’s windscreen to track journeys. The tag contains a gyroscope and accelerometer for orientation and it can capture driving events such as acceleration, cornering and crash over the course of a journey. 

In order for the FloowTag to work alongside FloowDrive, it needs to be linked to the driver’s phone via a FloowDrive app. Once the tag has been linked to the phone, FloowTag will ensure that the phone automatically records journeys when motion is detected.

Through the FloowDrive app, drivers will be able to view their journey scores and check on certain information relating to their FloowTag including its battery level and the connection status between the tag and their phone.

person fitting tag to windscreen

Benefits of FloowTag

Floow Score image

Eliminates non-policyholder driven journeys – only journeys where a driver’s phone and FloowTag are in range will be captured, helping to improve scoring accuracy

Cheaper than an OBD device

Simple to install and support

Universally compatible and CE compliant

Improved battery life as only the insured vehicles journeys will be recorded