The Floow at Connected Car Insurance, Chicago

Danny Maco - September 18th, 2019

On 4th and 5th September, I attended the Connected Car Insurance USA conference at the Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago, alongside the team from The Floow. It is well established as one of the first and most influential conferences specifically focused on telematics for the insurance sector in the US bringing together over 130 insurance carrier attendees and 200+ leading technology vendors to discuss where connected vehicles, telematics, big data and AI meets auto insurance.

This event provides the perfect opportunity to speak with insurance organizations, gain further understanding about the state of the market and listen to the needs of our customers directly, so we can continue to make informed decisions when it comes to our product development.

As a new member of the team, it was great to be thrown straight in and use this two-day conference as an opportunity to speak to some of our partners. Having spent a number of years leading telematics programs in the insurance industry, I’m particularly sensitive to addressing the issues which are affecting insurance professionals right now, because not so long ago, they were the problems which were affecting me on a daily basis.

At The Floow, we are dedicated to delivering high quality and innovative solutions which provide our insurer clients with the tools to solve their real-world problems and help differentiate their business as they prepare for the future of mobility, as the technology landscape and driver requirements continue to develop at a rapid pace.

However, we also pride ourselves on the partnerships that we develop. We see our work as more than transactional. We aspire to develop true partnerships where we work collaboratively alongside our partners to deliver competitive advantage and compelling experiences for policyholders.

This was exemplified by the signing of our latest client, Eikos – a leading broker based in Mexico, which took place over the course of the conference. A wonderful to start my time here and a brilliant milestone for The Floow’s team as we grow our reach and name throughout the Americas.

It was also great to have the opportunity to meet a number of our friends and partners at the residence of John Saville, the UK Consul General, for dinner. I felt quite nostalgic, for I attended this dinner myself two years ago as a client and guest of The Floow. It was great to be back, but this time as a member of the team.

As well as the great food and the wonderful views, we enjoyed an inspiring talk from Gabe Zichermann, a public speaker and author whose work includes Game-Based Marketing and The Gamification Revolution. We had a highly interactive conversation about gamification, user engagement and behavioral design, as it directly applies to the areas of distraction, the human experience and consumer expectations in our brave new world.

I look forward, as the newest member of the The Floow leadership team, to working towards our goal of making a significant difference to the future of mobility and insurance, as well as contributing towards making mobility safer and smarter for everyone.

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