At The Floow, we combine excellence in telematics monitoring and scoring with social science techniques to help improve driver behaviour.

Our pioneering driver coaching programme targets drivers with the lowest scores and invites them to participate in a 12-week programme of telephone based conversations with highly trained behavioural coaches.


Designed by an expert team of social scientists and actuaries, FloowCoach was created using insights from decades of leading research into driver behaviour.

The programme incorporates impactful behavioural conditioning and measurement to focus on helping drivers to improve their performance in the long term. Through a series of phone conversations, we help the driver to focus on specific ways to improve their overall score to drive more safely.

Our latest research shows that for every 100 people in the lowest-scoring decile who have completed the FloowCoach programme, 13 accidents are avoided compared to standard feedback mechanisms.

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One of our FloowCoach team members, Rebecca Edgcumbe
One of our FloowCoach team members