The Floow is a hub of engineering and technical innovation allowing us to develop, build and continuously improve our product portfolio for the benefit of our clients and their customers. Our team make use of software, sensors and data to build our telematics capability into best in class solutions which meet the requirements of the ever-changing world of technology and the evolving markets of insurance, mobility and travel.


The Floow has two mobile development teams, one focusing on the iOS operating system and one focusing on the Android operating system. Both teams work to build mobile applications and deliver the best possible app solutions for our clients whether they opt for FloowDrive or a bespoke telematics solution.

The iOS team is a diverse group of engineers with a shared passion for Apple products and technologies specialising in building apps for the iOS ecosystem. The Android team specialise in building applications that run within the Google Play ecosystem, which powers the overwhelming majority of non-Apple smartphones.

Our Android team build apps using native tools including the Java and Kotlin programming languages whilst our iOS team use the Objective-C and Swift programming languages.

The Android and iOS teams also build and support FloowKit, our software development kit, for clients who wish to build their own mobile apps for the Android or iOS platforms respectively.

They all work closely with many teams across the company, including Design, Platform, BAs and QA, to create and deliver products/solutions which fulfil the requirements of our clients. The teams also provide technical support to help our clients get the most from our technology.


The Web team at The Floow is responsible for developing and maintaining the web applications that support our products and services.

They look after a number of areas including: 

  • End-user portals – which allow end-users to view journey and score data in a responsive web portal.
  • Insurer portals – which are provided alongside our  products to allow our insurance clients to view policy, driver, vehicle, journey and crash information.
  • FloowFleet portal – which allows fleet managers to view information about their fleet vehicles and journeys in real-time.
  • FloowCoach CRM – which allows our FloowCoach team to manage policy and score information for drivers who are currently undertaking our coaching programme.



The Floow’s Platform team is responsible for building and maintaining the backend systems that powers our mobile applications, web portals and integration services for our clients.

The work the Platform team undertake is split into three key areas:

  1. Capturing, processing and scoring journey data
  2. Serving up data and backend functionality to client apps and portals
  3. Supporting client integration through device/policy information integration and data export for analysis

Due to the nature of the Platform team’s work, they are usually involved throughout the development process on a wide variety of projects working with teams across the company. This includes the mobile teams to accept additional data as input into scoring, the data science team to implement and productise new scoring mechanisms and the web team to provide portals for our insurance clients so they can gain valuable insights into their data. 

All of this functionality is provided by The Floow’s backend systems and the Platform team work closely with the Operations team to deploy, run and maintain the availability of these services.

Execution and Delivery

The Floow’s Execution and Delivery team consist of two functions: a firstline support function for dealing with client issues, and a projects function which ensures projects are planned, resourced, executed and delivered to business expectations.

The support function provides firstline support to clients for issues relating to projects and products as well as dealing with support for issues including password resets and problems recording journeys in client apps. All issues are typically dealt with on a one touch basis, however for issues which require further investigation, they work with internal teams to provide timely solutions.

The projects team focus on delivering projects and products on time and on budget for The Floow and for our clients. They track risks to mitigate them where possible and ensure all work is tracked, resourced and completed within agreed timelines to maintain the high standards expected.

They ensure all work, including live issues, are progressed inline with expectations, and provide project support to all teams across the business. All deployments are coordinated and led by the project team to ensure that they are inline with business and client expectations.