Creating products and solutions for our clients which delight the end-user is extremely important to The Floow. This understanding has driven our focus on user centric design, including user experience research, and delivering solutions, such as FloowCoach – our driving coaching programme. 

User Centred Design

The Floow has a clear focus on the user. Our teams harness user experience research, alongside exploration and discovery methods, to enable us to clearly identify real world customer needs that our technology can fulfil. This keeps our portfolio both relevant and meaningful to the market and engaging for our end-users. 

The team focuses on continually iterating and improving our portfolio of Android and iOS apps, web portals and client facing web views. Regular usability testing and analytics tracking ensures our products not only look great, but are also easy to understand, simple to use and perform brilliantly. 

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Our pioneering coaching programme – FloowCoach – targets drivers with the lowest scores to help them improve their driver behaviour.

The programme was designed to improve scores by coaching drivers to make safer speed choices and drive more smoothly. Braking too late and travelling too fast for the road conditions are responsible for 23% of all fatal crashes. At the most basic level, FloowCoach was designed to help reduce the number of deaths on the roads and reduce road accidents.

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