Our scoring service harnesses the power of software, sensors and data, and builds on several billion miles of journey data gathered from working with clients across five continents.

Our team of experts work to constantly refine our world-class suite of behavioural and contextual scores which our clients have proven to be highly predictive of losses.

Insurers can easily build their unique scoring IP and telematics-based propositions on top of our scoring algorithm, whether they are using FloowDrive, FloowFleet or FloowKit. This unique approach delivers three times the profitability per telematics customer when compared to traditional policy types.

Our device agnostic approach allows insurance clients to choose how we collect driver data based on the value proposition they wish to offer their end users. To provide clients with a consistent experience, we collect data across any type of device, including speed, smoothness of driving, distraction and time of day.

This allows us to create a score for every journey a driver completes which we present to them as well as their insurer (or employer, in the case of a fleet operator). Our scores help insurance companies price their policies and predict risk for each driver more accurately.