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Our next-gen connected insurance solution proven to reduce risk, lower claims costs, improve customer experience and increase engagement.

Enhance Your Business Results

We’ve combined mobile technology with connected car data to deliver new insights to improve your business results by identifying, engaging, and rewarding safe drivers.

Increase Customer Engagement


Integration of FloowFusion in the existing Floow applications remains highly customizable and configurable, enabling insurers to customize end-user experiences, including consent, onboarding, adoption and engagement.

Modern Risk Segmentation and Pricing

Our technologies help insurers make sense of the large amounts of structured and unstructured data they collect, supporting more sophisticated technical risk selection and risk pricing, while also allowing for new modern products.

Modernize Insurance Offerings

Meet the needs of the modern market with new usage based insurance products. FloowFusion provides insurers the ability to:

  • Offer subscription based insurance that allows customers to pay for the miles they drive.

  • Incorporate driver scoring to reward good drivers with lower cost per mile

Features and Benefits of FloowFusion

Intuitive, Customizable In-App Experience

FloowFusion adds an easy-to-use interface with a simple vehicle registration process. Integration of FloowFusion in the existing Floow applications is easy to use highly customizable and configurable, allowing insurers to meet their unique branding specifications across the end-user app and any policyholder communications.

Streamlined User Onboarding

FloowFusion’s onboarding communications are user-simple, keeping the registration process more efficient for the policyholder and the insurer, promoting policyholder engagement.

Highly Scalable With Rapid Deployment

With rapid deployment options, FloowFusion as part of FloowDrive and FlowKit, can be deployed in weeks, compared to existing solutions that can take several months to deploy.

Cost Effective

The Floow’s app-based, out-of-the-box solution provides substantial cost savings compared to existing solutions on the market that require custom deployments

Connected Vehicle Data Consent

FloowFusion allows insurers to easily manage driver data sharing regulation compliant user consent, giving end users full control over how and when their driving data will be used.

Automated Collection of Vehicle Data

With FloowFusion, insurers are able to automatically capture relevant vehicle data based on configurable time frames.

Request a demo of FloowDrive

Request a demo of FloowDrive