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FloowDrive with FloowFusion

Our FloowDrive solution takes everything we’ve learned from years of building successful telematics solutions and distils it into one robust, quick-to-deploy, white label platform.

FloowDrive uses a policyholder’s smartphone as a powerful mobility sensor. Once the user has registered and downloaded the app from their insurance company – available in the App Store or Play Store – it will start recording journeys completed in the car. Our technology is able to automatically differentiate between a car journey and other modes of transport e.g. bus or train, and the user can also manually adjust the app after a journey to allow for trips where they are a passenger not a driver.


welcome screen with a dashboard screen and a journey screen

Each journey is given a score on the basis of The Floow’s existing driver scoring methodology:


smooth driving

Smooth Driving

A measure of the driver’s anticipation including acceleration, braking and cornering.


A measure of mobile phone use that can take the driver’s eyes and mind off the road.


A measure of the length of a journey. After a continuous journey of 2 hours, driver fatigue can set in.


A measure of the safety of the speed the car is travelling at.

Time of Day

A measure which considers the time of day or night of the journey. Driving during the night is around 10 times riskier than driving during the daytime.

These journey scores are available in real time in the app, and are also visible to the insurance company and integrated into their portal. In addition, insurers can easily build their own unique scoring IP on top of FloowDrive. We work directly with actuaries and underwriters who share their claims data with us to ensure our scores uniquely predict insurance risk allowing them to price policies straight from the telematics data we make available to them. Once claims data is shared, those results are the distinct IP of that client. This unique approach delivers three times the profitability per telematics customer when compared to traditional policy types.

According to the driver’s profile, the insurance company can opt to offer a range of additional services via FloowDrive. For example, our data shows that providing drivers with incentives – which could be reduced premiums, or other rewards – to reflect better driving works to deliver significant score improvements. Some drivers also respond very well to specific coaching programmes, like our FloowCoach service.


Rewards with journey and journey confirmation screens


There is also the opportunity to add our small, stand-alone BLE device, FloowTag, to a FloowDrive proposition. FloowTag is self-installed to a vehicle’s windscreen and once linked to a driver’s phone, via the FloowDrive app, it ensures that the phone records only journeys from that vehicle.

Through the app, drivers can view journey scores and information relating to the tag including battery level and connection status. FloowTag is simple to install and ensures that only journeys where a driver’s phone and FloowTag are in range are captured – improving phone battery life as well as the accuracy of our scoring and mileage captured.


Features and Benefits of FloowDrive

Floow Score image


A reliable, best in class scoring and analytics engine that’s been developed over the last eight years. Combining a world class suite of behavioural scores, our scoring engine is proven to be highly predictive of claim propensity.

Insurer Portal

A user-friendly web portal providing a range of data including driver scores and app engagement. This allows clients to easily deal with customer queries such as changing end-user passwords, updating journey tags and disabling a user account.

Simple Customisation

Easy customisation and configuration of the platform so both the end-user app and policyholder communications such as client emails can be built to meet specific branding and colour palette requirements.

Intuitive App Interface

With easy registration, a clear scoring dashboard, dynamic localisation and native UI conventions.

Build Own IP

Insurers can easily build their own unique scoring IP on top of FloowDrive.

Simple Onboarding

Onboarding communications making the registration process more efficient for the policyholder and the insurer, promoting policyholder engagement with telematics and the smartphone app.

Quick to Deploy

Unlike custom deployments that can take several months, FloowDrive can be up and running in just a few weeks.


Can support small scale pilots to test and learn, but easily scalable.

Cost Effective

App based and ready to go, FloowDrive delivers excellent value for money, with huge cost savings against custom deployments.

Pair with FloowTag

Ability to add FloowTag, our small BLE windscreen tag, to a FloowDrive proposition – ensuring that, once linked, only journeys from the insured vehicle will be recorded by the driver’s phone


Request a demo of FloowDrive

Request a demo of FloowDrive