FloowFusion: Bringing Connected Vehicle Data to Life, Today.

Mike Moran - Director of product - June 14th, 2023

We continue to advance FloowFusion, the first and only in market solution that enables insurers to create connected products combining data from original vehicle equipment with well-known and granular data from smartphones.  


FloowFusion provides access to novel insights and supports an exquisite user experience that can transform how auto insurance is written and managed.


With FloowFusion, insurance providers can easily leverage mobile and vehicle telematics data to create new connected insurance policy offerings, as well as bolster existing offerings with additional highly accurate data sources to deliver a competitive advantage. 


Traditional approaches to connected insurance have necessitated piecemeal integrations with third-party devices or car manufacturers, creating significant technical and operational challenges for insurance providers.


FloowFusion is the industry’s first solution to deliver telematics data from an extensive range of makes and models of vehicles across the US and Europe.


The features and benefits of FloowFusion are, today, embedded into and supercharge FloowDrive – the existing successful offering from The Floow – without adding any complexity: 


Intuitive, Customizable In-App Experience: FloowFusion adds an easy-to-use interface with a simple vehicle registration process. Integration of FloowFusion in the existing Floow applications remains customizable and configurable, allowing insurers to meet their unique branding specifications across the end-user app and any policyholder communications.



Streamlined User Onboarding: FloowFusion’s onboarding communications are user-simple, keeping the registration process more efficient for the policyholder and the insurer, promoting policyholder engagement. By reducing friction in the set-up process, insurers can drive greater adoption.



Highly Scalable with rapid deployment: FloowFusion is easily scalable to support small-scale pilot programs, as well as large-scale, global deployments. With rapid deployment options, FloowFusion as part of FloowDrive, can be enabled in weeks. 




Cost Effective: Our app-based, out-of-the-box solution provides substantial cost savings compared to existing solutions on the market that require custom deployments, delivering a greater return on investment.




Connected Vehicle Data Consent: FloowFusion allows insurers to easily manage driver data sharing regulation compliant user consent, giving end users full control over how and when their driving data will be used. 




Automated Collection of Vehicle Data: With FloowFusion, insurers are able to automatically capture relevant vehicle data based on configurable time frames. This allows insurers to access the data they need to support their insurance program at the required intervals. 



Recent analysis of insurers’ portfolios has shown that up to 70% of their currently insured vehicles could be connected utilising FloowFusion. This makes leveraging OEM data for pricing purposes not a thing of the future but something available immediately, today. 


The latest release of FloowDrive is fully capable of delivering the FloowFusion experience, if you would like to have a demonstration of the functionality please visit our website and complete a Request a Demo form or contact: 


Matt Chalk, Senior Director Sales, EMEA, matt.chalk@thefloow.com 

James Cook, VP Sales Americas, james.cook@thefloow.com 

Elisabetta Pizzini, Italy Business Leader, elisabetta.pizzini@thefloow.com 


Or come and see our demonstration at DIA in Barcelona on the 28th June 2023. 

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