Insurers Report: Now is the Time for Connected Driving (Germany)

The Floow - December 13th, 2021

Re-evaluating Telematics for a New Era of Personal Mobility


Connectivity is now central to almost every aspect of our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic laid bare the increasing need for technology as an enabler for large businesses, independent retailers, schools and families to carry on with everyday life by staying connected.

The Floow was founded in 2012 with the mission to make mobility smarter and safer for everyone and our firm belief is that technology will play an increasingly critical role in mobility now and in future. 

Smartphones and sensors continue to provide opportunities for businesses to enhance their product offerings, reach more customers and in turn, offer those customers a smoother, more valuable and more connected user experience. Of course, car insurance should be no different.

Continuing our series of consumer research into attitudes to car insurance across the globe, we at The Floow turned our attention to Germany, Europe’s largest market for car insurance.

The Floow commissioned independent research agency, Respondi, to ask 1,000 drivers of all ages in Germany their opinions on car usage and insurance, to help understand how insurers can improve their current product portfolios to meet the demands of an ever changing consumer landscape. We also wanted to see to what extent technology could be used now and in future, to create better customer outcomes, while simultaneously, helping insurers reduce risk and increase competitiveness.

Executive Summary

Price remains the most important factor when consumers are choosing their car insurance, with 90% of respondents placing it somewhere in their top 3 most important.

50% of respondents placed customer service in their top 3 most important factors, however ease of communication and breakdown service also featured highly, which could provide crucial differentiators beyond competitive pricing.

60% of survey respondents believe that price should be determined by how you drive.

1 in 3 drivers are anticipating a change in their vehicle usage, resulting in overwhelmingly high levels of consideration for telematics and usage based policies among this market segment.

Telematics is not just for young drivers, with the highest consideration levels amongst the oldest age group (60-70 year olds).

API integration illustration

More than 60% of respondents are either willing to share or would consider sharing driving data with their insurer already.

How insurers use consumer data is vital and needs to be communicated well to encourage take up of telematics and usage based policies.


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