Otonomo goes with The Floow

Aldo Monteforte - February 28th, 2022

I could not be prouder to announce The Floow acquisition by Otonomo (Nasdaq OTMO).  This is a big, bold step that brings us closer to our vision of safer and smarter mobility for all.

Our clients and partners, leading insurers of the world, will have access to a world-first and unique set of Connected Insurance solutions powered by the full spectrum of data sources (OEM connected cars, smartphones and aftermarket devices) generating insurance-grade scores and risk analytics regardless of data origin.  

Together, Otonomo and The Floow will offer data products, tools and resources to help insurers integrate risk transfer with exquisite digital services in the connected new world ahead. 

My thoughts and gratitude go to our staff, to insurance clients worldwide (many now also personal friends) who place their trust in The Floow as their strategic technology partner and to our investors at DirectLine, Fosun, UEC and the University of Sheffield who believed in our vision and never wavered in their support.

In a beautiful coincidence The Floow was founded exactly on this date 10 years ago.  A decade of untold passion, dedication, joys, pains and sleepless nights.  A handful of dreamers growing into a team surpassing 100 and a global business.  

The North Star on our compass never changed, always tracking to THE destination: making mobility safer and smarter.  The combination with our new brothers and sisters at Otonomo sees our organisation move one giant step closer to that vision.

That flame ignited on 28 Feb 2012 is stronger than ever.  May The Force stay with Otonomo and The Floow for many years to come.

To discuss how The Floow will help your insurance operations thrive in the world of Connected Products, reach out at info@thefloow.com

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