How Rewards-Based Telematics Platforms Encourage Improvements in Driver Behaviour

Rebecca Bell - July 06th, 2018

Last week was a big week for The Floow as we released the first feature update to our FloowDrive platform since its launch in March this year. The update included a number of new features and functionality designed to make the user and client experience even better as well as ensuring that we can fulfil the evolving and varied requirements of insurers and their customers.

One of the most exciting new features introduced was our Rewards programme which is available as an optional module that can be fully integrated into an insurer’s FloowDrive-based telematics proposition. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to showcase our Rewards module in a webinar which looked at how rewards-based telematics programmes can improve driver behaviour.

Telematics programmes that include engaging rewards and incentives modules can help to encourage safer driving and behaviour change that lasts. The rewards schemes we have created for clients in the past are proven to improve scores by as much as 54% and have a bigger behavioural impact, particularly for low-scoring drivers, than offering even a sizeable premium discount at the end of the year.

Associate Professor of Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University and our Chief Education Officer, Dr Lisa Dorn, explained more about why this is. She explained how ‘nudge’ theory works and the positive effects that offering rewards ‘little and often’ can have on driver behaviour.

“Research has show that even small rewards can have an impact on driver behaviour and what we can do is focus on specific types of rewards that are particularly reinforcing for particular types of behaviours that we want to shape.”

“For example, distraction, if they’re (drivers) using their mobile phone whilst driving, which is an unsafe behaviour, we can reward drivers who are scoring higher on that particular component. It needs to be well targeted for the types of reinforcement that the driver finds most desirable.”

The introduction of telematics in insurance policies has helped insurers to better identify and predict risk but for telematics to have a truly beneficial impact on driver behaviour, there needs to be a high-level of engagement from drivers with the data provided to them alongside their scores. Rewards programmes can drive engagement by providing positive reinforcements for sustained good driving behaviours.

By promoting improvements to driver behaviour and allowing drivers to exchange points accrued for good driving for rewards such as money off vouchers for food, entertainment and retail outlets, it encourages motorists to keep up good driving habits in the long-term to lower their risk profile and provide insurers with the opportunity to reduce claims.

We’ve worked with our client Direct Line Group to develop a highly effective rewards programme in their award-winning Shotgun app which is aimed at 17-25 year olds to reduce the amount of road accidents that occur in this age group.

Head of Brand and Marketing Planning at Direct Line Group, Piers Newson-Smith, spoke to our Client Director, Dan Bird, about DLG’s use of rewards in their Shotgun app and why they believe it is so important for driving customer engagement and encouraging positive improvements to a driver’s behaviour on the road.

“Rewards are a crucial part of engaging young drivers with the journey, what we need to do is use that to get their attention to get them to stick with the habit and the role of the app is to drive those behavioural principles to make it actually happen by making the roads a safer place.”

We believe our Rewards module adds real value to our FloowDrive platform so we can help drivers to work towards score improvements. It also allows insurers to add value to their telematics-based insurance propositions to drive engagement, deliver ROI and reduce claims, all of which will have a positive impact on safety for all road users.

To watch a recording of our Rewards webinar and see a brief demo showing how easy it is for drivers to use, follow this link to the webinar and submit your details. A link to the webinar recording will be sent straight to your inbox to watch at a time to suit you.

If you would like to find out more about FloowDrive and our integrated Rewards module, contact us at

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