Telematics Organisation Receives Iconic ‘Made in Sheffield’ Mark

The Floow - December 23rd, 2014

The Floow is Awarded Internationally Recognised Branding

Sheffield based The Floow were today announced as the second ever software organisation to have their application to use the prestigious Made in Sheffield Mark approved.

The brand is regarded internationally as a mark of quality and is exclusively used on products that are developed in the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a region historically known for its excellence in manufacturing and, more recently, technology. The mark will support The Floow in the global exportation of their systems across China, Europe, and the Americas, and help them to build on their international reputation as leading providers of telematics.

This is a considerable achievement for The Floow, who were founded in the city in 2012 and won the right to use the prestigious mark as soon as December 2014.

Made in Sheffield is an initiative led by The Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and the Company Cutlers of Hallamshire, which traces its history back to 1624. Businesses that receive the mark must meet strict criteria and provide evidence that their product is of high quality during visits to their premises in order to receive the accolade.

The Floow’s application for the mark was approved by the Made in Sheffield Steering Committee following visits from Committee Members Richard Edwards, George Kilburn and Charles Turner. They each assessed The Floow’s telematics products, which come in the form of black boxes and smart-phone applications.

The Committee granted approval after seeing The Floow’s use of software to overcome the difficulties associated with data capture from mobile phones and other sensing devices and their unique data interpretation techniques. This includes the ability to recognise a car journey from any other type (such as those on a bicycle or plane), the applications compatibility with most smart-phones and its auto-stop/start function which ensures that data is captured for all journeys without the need for user interaction.

Now The Floow, who provide telematics systems to the world’s leading insurers including, amongst others, The Direct Line Group in the UK and AIG in Ireland, Greece and Argentina, will use the mark to represent their commitment to high-quality production and their contribution to the global reputation of the city.

Charles Turner, Chairman of Made in Sheffield, said “Sheffield has always been at the cutting edge of technology whether inventing stainless steel or manufacturing innovative products. The Floow is a flag bearer for a new area of excellence for the city and it is right that their products, wholly engineered and embedded here in Sheffield, should carry the Made in Sheffield Mark and help to promote the city and its producer companies.”

Aldo Monteforte, CEO of The Floow, said: “We are proud to have received the Made in Sheffield Mark, a brand which spans across the region’s history and recognises excellence in products that are developed in the city and exported world-wide.

“We have worked hard to ensure that we provide the world’s most advanced and cost-effective telematics systems and have built a team of experts in the fields of telematics; computer science; data mining; psychology and automotive to ensure that our products meet this calibre.

“The mark will be recognised amongst our clients in the UK and internationally as a sign of our skills and capabilities.”

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