The Floow Have Got You Covered

Aldo Monteforte - March 31st, 2020

Aldo standing against a brick wall

On behalf of my team, I want you to know that at The Floow we have got you covered so you can focus on priorities arising from these unprecedented circumstances.

I know that these days, after taking care of family and colleagues, the stability of your business operations and resolving unanticipated challenges will be front of your mind.

Our clients entrust their precious connected insurance programs to us and they rely on The Floow’s operational stability. Their confidence in our work is our most important asset and we are keen to share the following:

  • Our operations smoothly adapted to the important guidelines on social distancing with in excess of 85% of our 130 staff working remotely before the lockdown was put in place in the UK, allowing us to move to 100% quickly afterwards without loss of service quality. 
  • All teams at The Floow responded with an impressive calm and resolute focus to these unprecedented and testing circumstances and they have been a living embodiment of our core values of Commitment, Collaboration and Innovation.  
  • We started to encourage social distancing and preventative measures across our staff (e.g. identifying vulnerable employees as well as critical resources) before Government guidelines came into place in the UK and the US.  
  • As an organisation, we have been promoting remote working as a standard practice for many years and therefore we were well geared to make this transition in an efficient manner.  

The word that encapsulates the spirit of The Floow in this pandemic is resilience. 

Some of our clients were contemplating moving personnel in the thousands to remote work with operations that are not designed for this. We have done it and are ready to offer advice and support and/or share the learnings which we have accumulated in the process. For our clients and partners, please do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to discuss this and we will keep you informed of any developments on our side as necessary.

The work of our clients and partners matters immensely. At these difficult times, it is crucial that transport and mobility, particularly those underlying the supply chains and medical care, which our livelihood depends on, continue undisrupted. Motor insurance in support of safer and smarter mobility is, more than ever, a critical service.

Reflecting on almost 30 years of professional experience, the ups, downs, failures and successes, I have learned that every crisis comes with opportunities. We will get through this, we will do so together and we will be stronger than ever.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families and particularly the more vulnerable members in our communities.

The Floow is ready, by your side.

Stay safe!


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